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Welcome to Arch MI’s marketing materials library for loan originators.

We’ve created the following content to help grow your origination business.

Customize the Arch MI marketing materials below to start valuable discussions with your members about loan programs and homebuying topics. Access via Google Chrome browser.

What is MI?

Everything a member needs to know about MI.

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MI Cancellation

Unlike FHA loans, mortgage insurance can be cancelled.

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Fannie Mae’s affordable mortgage program, HomeReady, helps many first-time homebuyers qualify. This flyer outlines the benefits of insuring those loans with Arch MI.

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AMGC Community Program

Help first responders, teachers and degreed professionals buy homes in your community.

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BPMI Cancellation Matrix

Summary of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Guidelines.

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RateStar Buydown

Get the lowest monthly MI premium for your borrower.

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Tax-Deductible MI

Lower Members’ Costs with Tax-Deductible MI.

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Rent vs. Own

Share our flyer with potential homebuyers to help them make an informed decision.

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Medical and Dental Reduced Coverage

Market your medical and dental professionals loan products to Realtors with this flyer.

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